“Lyft” – Oscar Award Winning Director John Kahrs Tells Why Life Is Better When You Share The Ride In This Beautiful Short Film

Have travelling alone made things in your life very dull lately? Or have you lost the motivation, the passion to do something? Well, in life we all reach this point, it may be because of many reasons or because of the lack of finding a reason.

This advertisement takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, it’ll make you feel -sadness, happiness, fear, respect and few others too which will help you to relate to it at one point or another. This advertisement is of a company called LYFT.

This advertisement is about an elderly lady, named June whose husband has died. She lives alone and has lost the desire to lead a happy life. One sad day, her husband’s car that she used to drive after he passed away, got destroyed in an accident. She felt at a low point in her life but her daughter motivated her to buy a new car. But even the new car failed to give her that extra pinch of zeal she needed. A person sat in her car one sunny day, it was very strange for her. They then realized the person sat in her car by mistake, he had ordered a car from LYFT application. She later on thought maybe a passenger will be a good option to try and so she did. She gave lift to a military man who failed to catch his bus. That small gesture of help, gave her life a purpose and she downloaded LYFT application. And from there on she never saw a dull day. Some passengers were extra talkative, some were bit annoying and some just reminded her of how she used to be before. But however they were, every passenger gave her some memories. One night after dropping a passenger she was on the way to pick up another, in the middle of the route she got struck in snow and she couldn’t see anything near her and her car couldn’t also move, everything was covered in snow and so she lost all hopes. Then the passenger who she was on the way to pick, saw her car was struck and he gathered all the people around him, then they went to help her. The moment she saw those familiar faces coming to help her, her eyes sparkled with joy. LYFT was not just an application to travel or a source of income for all those people, it was a journey of emotions and moments that they gathered when they interacted with strangers who were willing to give their time to each other.

LYFT: Life is Better When You Share the Ride

LYFT is a transportation network company which is based in San Francisco, California. It was launched in 2012 and now operates in approximately 300 U.S. cities, providing18.7 million rides a month.  The app connects drivers with cars to passengers that need rides. Drivers and passengers rate each other on a five-star scale after each ride and the ratings establish the reputations of both drivers and passengers within the network.

LYFT is not just an application it is a part of millions of stories of drivers and riders.



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