Do what you can’t imagine By Pulkit Mehdiratta

The world is an unfair place. Only the fewest of the few people are on a platform which they had dreamt off. Only the cream class comprising of less than 1% gets more than 95% of opportunities whilst the rest are barred from grasping even a nibble of them.

So what to do? How to overcome this? How to make your dreams come true? 

The new Samsung Advertisement has BEAUTIFULLY depicted an answer to these questions. In this advertisement, they have widened our mentality to think beyond space. 

The ostrich can’t fly. This is a universally accepted fact. But have you ever wondered then why does it have wings? The answer is that it’s a bird. Virtual Reality is depicted in this ad which allows us to think what can’t be thought about. The one thing which a person doesn’t have, it’s the very same thing which he values the most. So, is the case with the ostrich.

The Virtual Reality takes Ostrich into such a world making its dream come true Virtually. This Experience gives Ostrich enough confidence to try out the same in the Parallel Real World for it knows the value of that experience. So, he tries and tries until he succeeds in Flying, and that’s what the last scene is. The Ostrich is Flying. 

So, live out your dreams. Think beyond your expectations. This journey of life is full of surprises and until and unless you won’t step on this Route you won’t be able to achieve your Success, and who knows what you’re capable of. For the miracles are born with experience only! 


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