Start afresh this Eid, By Athmeeya Shetty


India is a land of festivity and celebrations. Festivals don’t just spread happiness it spreads with it values of togetherness, goodness and sense of belongingness. It is a novel way to unite families, friends and all the near and dear ones. A means to connect heart, mind and soul. Festivals uplift diversity and unifies people. It brings society into dialogue.

   Social responsibility is of utmost importance in modern world. Commercial giants are working out of their box in this regard. Advertising is not restricted within the boundaries of merely communicating message to customers about a product or service instead reaching their hearts. Only then can the message reach the masses to the desired extent. Ghadi detergent has unveiled its new advertisement on the occasion of Eid conveying far greater messages to audience.

Ghadi detergent has been undertaking a campaign on washing off ‘meal’ in the country. As a connecting dot to this campaign, this cleansing agent has moved a step forth this Eid. Ghadi is always known for its strong credentials. It has created it’s mark in the market beyond being a mere cleansing agent. This advertisement is an extension of the same.

The ad features Eid celebration in a family of two, where the husband is worried about having no guests at home this Eid. Wife clears his dilemma by asking him to call those he lost contact with, with the course of time and say ‘ sorry‘. Husband follows her words and they celebrate Eid with all their dear ones. A festival is incomplete without family and friends. But life’s twist and turns land us in a situation where those who were very dear to us few years back go away.It may be due to our ego or unapologetic behavior. Losing relationships for small misunderstandings can make us repent for it throughout our life. Just like Ghadi, we should cleanse all the misunderstandings and hard feelings within us and start afresh. Ghadi never allows a stain to leave a mark on any cloth. Similarly, ego should not dominate over year old relations.

So, this Eid, ” meal dho dalo, sorry bol dalo’.  Sorry… Is a very small word. Once uttered can solve all the problems forever. It has extreme potential to unite people and spread happiness again in relationships that once had bad equations. Ghadi detergents effort in uniting people by cleansing ‘meal’ is commendable. Its picturization has hit an emotional chord. The message couldn’t be conveyed any better.

Ghadi has again uplifted the concept of spreading goodness through this ad. To all the readers, ” sari meal dho dalo, sorry bol dalo'”. Because relations once lost is lost forever.

Eid Mubarak!!


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