The Lunchbox Kitchen By Bhavya Ahuja


It is said that only Empathy can make you the strongest person. The idea of portraying something so strong that the emotions depicted, enter your skin and makes you feel this issue with all your heart poured out.

You can’t deny that you literally felt like crying when you saw that empty lunch box in front of that kid. He didn’t tell anyone and simply walked off from the class to hide his misery. He took off to have water and just stare at the horizons till he had to return back. It’s so hard to see how he had to just keep his empty lunchbox back in his bag until he realized it was heavier. The moment he opened that box again he couldn’t believe his eyes about what just happened. It was like some kind of magic happened right before his eyes, it’s filled with food of all kinds and just because he had a hard time believing where food came from, to which he looked around and saw how something in his box is a small part contributed by everyone. Nothing made him happier than seeing this silent effort made with love towards him. He enjoyed his lunch and left a big smile on our faces for sure.

The whole plot of making you feel empathized towards the people who are not fortunate as you are and don’t get all those things you are blessed with, speaks out a pretty loud message. The idea of portraying that fact that ‘If the kids can, then why can’t we?’ is itself worthy of a thousand more questions that can bubble up in your mind.

The ideation of shooting this and presenting it in a way that it triggers your emotional aspect towards bringing the change that can be brought if we just focus more towards Foster care than we actually are.

If kids can give us this message it’s high time that we understand how important it is to think about giving more to the world than thinking about what just belongs to you.

Advertisements like these really make you think towards a broader picture that one can paint for a better tomorrow.

After all it’s right to say that ‘Change doesn’t take a lot of effort if something little is added from everyone’


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