The Frog Ad By Athmeeya Shetty


Life is definitely not eternal. But to live is bliss. We are born once and we get an opportunity to fulfill our desires just once. The chance once let go is left forever. All that we are left with after missing a moment is regret and only regret. “I wish I could have enjoyed my life a little more. I so wish I could have danced till my knees gave up or laughed my heart out is all that one aspires during the last breath if life is not lived to the fullest.” There are few others who are left with deep desires unfulfilled……. To have food!! It is said, when I die and go to God, I should not be in a state wherein I say I still have some potentials left with me. Instead I should say with a deep sense of satisfaction that I used my hundred percent. I lived my life completely. That’s when we can truly respect our life and that’s a way to express gratitude.

Be not left with a moment of despair. Regrets for empty tummy is the most depressing thing ever on earth. What better way to celebrate life than yummy food and togetherness. That’s the tactic used by the filmmakers in this advertisement. This had has cleverly hooked up to the ability of hunger to captivate all the senses a man possess.

Switzerland is a very hardworking nation. This land is gifted with people who work untiringly. They believe in the fact that, u work hard in this life to enjoy your next incarnation. To ignite a desire amongst them to live present, this ad is conceptualized.  A frog jumps off from a water body and runs round. It travels amidst woods in search of a place. After traveling a long way….it finally reaches a place that spots radiated yellow ‘M’. For a fact, world knows, M stands for McDonalds.

What were you in your last life doesn’t matter…food love will always leave an impression within you, even in the present life. Love for food will drag you to the same place. That’s McDonalads…a place that leaves a lasting taste on your taste buds. As the ad says,’ Enjoy the now’, this ad gives a call to people around Switzerland to shut their laptops, step out of their office, come out on street and walk towards McD. What better way to enjoy life than savor delicacies. If you are a foodie, then Mcdonalds is the place to visit!

The advertisement is picturised very beautifully and cinematography is in par excellence with major food chains. Without using any human characters, dialogues or subtitles, it conveys the message crystal clear. So powerful is the message. Emotional touch add on to the advertisement. The director has succeeded in driving attention of the audience. It is a call to all swiss to love life, live life.

Burger King chain is ruling the market since a very long time. It’s advertisements has succeeded in driving more customers into its business. Go, rush to a near by McDonald’s …you never know what will you be born as in your next life…!! Thought provoking, isn’t it?


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