Neki Ek Ibadat By Pulkit Mehdirtta


Children are the messengers of God. This holds so apt in this advertisement that even the people with conflicting thoughts might start worshiping their own.

The advertisement in it’s first glance takes you back into your childhood and reviving the old memories of how truthful, honest and kind hearted are the li’l ones!

Prioritizing his own deeds and not even grasping a single bite of his food, Shahid starts running to his grand father’s home for the dawn was almost over. He runs as fast as he can, walking past the posts and taking all kinds of shortcuts so that he can make it in time. Reaching over there, gradually waking him followed by surprising him by saying the golden words about Ramazan Day with Dates and Food for him gave an explicit smile with tears on his grandfather’s face.

It’s the innocence and care which define the character of children and it’s our intellectual to pick out the best from them.

In this world with busy schedules, take out some time to think over your day’s routine and the good deeds you did. For it’s not the outer covering but the fruit within us which defines our persona.


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