In pursuit of dreams with Chevrolet, By Athmeeya Shetty

Follow your dreams. Follow your passion. Embrace life. It gives the adrenaline rush to pursue what your heart desire. Dream is not a fantasy or just an illusionary world. Dream is the force that drives one crazy. A factor that will turn you unstoppable. Discovering Reminiscing Experiences Accumulated Madly with Self-satisfaction is Dream. Chasing dreams is more or less like following your stars. Not many will encourage you to go for it and accomplish what you strongly urge for. Chevrolet does the task of icing on the cake. When passion is backed by inspiration you are unstoppable. Chevrolet inspires Canada to live it’s dream.

Drive with your dreams. Drive with Chevrolet. This advertisement express a deep concern and dream of Canada to be a diversified nation, which is broader towards accepting things, people and circumstances. This out-of-home advertisement features people from across the country. It has pictured life of Canadians in everyday life. What makes these people actually happy, what drives them crazy, what will give meaning to their life and for their nationality is all captivated within the advertisement.

Canadian dreams is a campaign that emerged with the motto of reaching masses personally. The advertisement in an end product of capturing real Canada in a journey across the nation in 27 days in Chevrolet suburban. The two minutes long video is a bunch of happenings that the crew witnessed during its journey.

General Motors has flourished across Canada since it’s emergence. Through this advertisement, the automotive company is focusing towards reaching the masses that couldn’t be reached so far. It also focuses on celebrating Canadian dreams and inspiring people to fly high. The advertisement has swiped it off commendably in touching the emotional nerves of all Canadians. The message is so clear-cut and powerful that it will create an impact not just within the geographical boundaries of Canada, but across the globe.

This ad is also a medium that intends to promote all it’s vehicles. It states about the relevance of all it’s vehicles depending on customers taste, necessity and ability. You can go for Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 for rugged terrains, Bolt EV to go green or Chevrolet Spark to just enjoy the ride. Chevrolet is a medium to help you fulfil your dreams is all that the video speaks.

Chevrolet has succeeded in striking a chord through this advertisement. Go, follow your dreams. Travel your dreams. Live your dreams!


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