The Magic Pen: Singapore Airlines Bringing People Closer To Their Loved Ones, Writes Deepanshu Rajpal



Singapore Airlines has launched its first-ever animated short film, ‘The Magic Pen’, to celebrate 70 years of bringing people closer to their loved ones. The three-minute film entitled The Magic Pen centers on the theme of bringing people closer to their loved ones.

Airlines’ senior vice president for Sales and Marketing, Campbell Wilson Mentioned in a Press Release “This year marks Singapore Airlines’ 70th anniversary and we want to thank our customers for being part of our journey over the last seven decades. ‘The Magic Pen’ reflects our commitment to place our customers at the heart of everything we do and we are delighted to play a role in bringing people closer together”.

The airline, previously Malayan Airways, made its first commercial flight in May 1947, taking travelers from Singapore to Malaysia, and has since grown from a carrier operating three flights per week (to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang) to one that flies to over 80 destinations in more than 30 countries.

The film, posted on Singapore Airlines’ social media channels, focuses on the airline’s commitment to its customers and how it has always and will continue to bring people closer to the ones they love. The video has already gone viral on social media since the time it was shared on Singapore Airlines Facebook page and has so far been viewed more than Seven million times on Facebook.

The film tells the heartwarming story of a little boy who believes he has found a magic pen, but when it fails to bring his father back from a long business trip, the boy is heartbroken. In the end, the true magic happens when the father returns home earlier than planned on Singapore Airlines to surprise his son.

The video opens with a small boy who is sitting on a swing a play park and looks towards another boy who has his father pushing him on the swing. He seems a little sad when he spots a pen lying in the grass. He starts drawing with the pen and whatever he draws starts coming out to be true. He draws an airplane and suddenly he sees one flying overhead. He then draws a dog and suddenly one cuddly creature comes running with its owner at its wake. He writes the word Hi and the dog owner smiles and waves at him and says Hi. The boy is full of wonder and thinks that his pen is a magic pen and has the capability of turning his drawings into reality.

On reaching home he writes Come Home, Dad I miss you and then draws his Father, his mother and himself. Disheartened that this did not come true he goes off to sleep. His mother comes into the room to look on him and finds the scribbled drawings on the writing pad clicks a picture of the drawing and send it to his father who is traveling. His father looks at the drawing and realizes that what he is missing is his son, takes a Singapore Airlines flight straight home, much to the delight of the little boy.

Traveling is by far the most satisfactory and the most longed for things in life. We love to plan itineraries and love to plan vacations. However, sometimes we forget to come home, and forget the solace that coming home brings to our harried lives. Whenever we think of airplanes we plan exotic vacations and foreign locales and mystic and beautiful places but we forget that there might be someone at home who is eagerly waiting for you to return.

And they showcased why they said that the airlines operates with the sense of bringing people closer to their loved ones. To kick off the year-long festivities, SIA is holding its largest Showcase and Travel Fair yet in different parts of the country.

“Our 70 years of global operations have seen a host of milestones and pioneering services that make us not only one of the world’s most awarded airline but more importantly, the carrier of choice for our customers,” said Philip Goh, SIA Regional Vice President Southeast Asia. “We continue to innovate our products and services both on ground and in the sky to ensure our customers’ comfort when they travel with us. Also, we continue to make service excellence the core of our business, keeping to our promise of being A Great Way to Fly” added Philip Goh, SIA Regional Vice President Southeast Asia

SIA is also increasing flight frequency to points in Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia and West Asia to meet growing travel demand from March to October. On May 30, 2017, Stockholm will become the second Scandinavian city in SIA’s route network when the Airline introduces flights to Sweden’s capital via Moscow. Flights to Stockholm will be operated with Airbus A350-900 aircraft – the latest addition to the SIA fleet. The new flights will complement SIA’s existing flights to Copenhagen in Denmark, boosting connectivity between Southeast Asia and Northern Europe.

To thank its Filipino patrons for the overwhelming support over the years, attractive promotional fares were launched during the event. All-in roundtrip fares to Singapore were offered from just USD160.

Also available were fares to Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the United States. With 80 destinations to choose from at an exceptional rate, SIA provides its customers the perfect opportunity to achieve their travel goals this year for less.

In the Past too they have been constantly in support of making a change and bringing people closer together, Singapore Airlines treated more than 300 beneficiaries from Community Chest to an experience on the Singapore Airlines A380. The beneficiaries, many of whom had not flown before, were treated to a 3.5-hour flight on the A380, the world’s largest commercial aircraft. Special performances by cabin crew helped make the flight a special moment for everyone on board, and served as warm reminder that dreams do come true.

Singapore Airlines, A Great Way to Fly.


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