The Peculiar Force, Written By Pulkit Mehdiratta

Imagine! How would the world seem if we were upside down? Just like in our childhood when we tried to do headstands by laying our legs on sides of the wall and that too only for a glimpse of having a different view, in a much similar way this ad will make you wonder and will broaden your mind to see things in a uniquely defined way.

It’s a dream of every individual to hover over the ground, to have superpowers to float and fly, to be on moon with less gravity and to may be play soccer over there in a divergent way.

In reel world, we all have seen it but do you know that this reel has been converted into real now. The Playstation has changed the laws of gravity for you.

Providing with mind boggling graphics, realistic effects and most importantly upbringing your dreams into your hand controls. Whatever you can imagine, the replica can be formed at the instant.

This world has no limits and offers a heuristic platform of imagination and taking it to a cloud nine level. The concepts of science have taken a new perpective.

Gravity Cat is a wonder wow concept brought to you exclusively by Sony Play Station Team.

All you have to do is Imagine and think beyond limits, for whatever you can visualize, we can unveil the same!


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