Lacoste’s Timeless By Bhavya Ahuja and Athmeeya Shetty

It’s said, ‘Time says it all’
Time factor is used as an astra to reach out to the masses by Lacoste, a sports and fashion
brand flourished across the globe. Their ideation of using Timeless as a metaphor for Life and
calling ‘Life is a Beautiful Sport’ is how they are using this mysterious drama to its best.
Tale of two strangers being caught in a bond of love is all it narrates. Unlike the scenic
tranquility thats considered to be the right place for all love stories to begin, a crowded
railway platform witnesses the union of two hearts. As they travel and the chase begins,
Lacoste was there on every point to help him win her Heart.
Lacoste has evolved with time and again as a brand that can be relied upon in all seasons and
times. This advertisement goes a step ahead of all the grandeur and reliance. Time shoots
from a decade to decade clearly indicating the transformation that took place in fashion
quotient with changing times. While the lady walks past with the change in her attire to stay
in par with the current world, actor is spotted in POLO T-shirt no matter what toil fashion
took. A combination of different eras coming together is shown with an evergreen POLO
staying the same and maintaining it’s unalterable elegance. Irrespective of time-lapse, that
signifies the passing decades of styles Lacoste POLO went along carrying it as a style
statement throughout. Hence, it speaks about the relevance of Lacoste’s identity maintained
throughout these years. No matter at what phase the world is advancing , Polo is never off
In addition, music and the costume goes well with the ad, it’s complementing ‘The big time
leap’ considerably well. The story line looks a little abrupt at a point when it takes a tour
around eras on the go. It could have been clearer where cinematography aspect is concerned.
While on the other side, it can be said that the dramatic music has kind of kept us busy
seeking for more and more in order to look out for the conclusion since we never wanted this
to end. But the best part of it was seeing them together, travelling in a subway and that
happy ending element made it worth one hell of an advertisement.
It is definitely a good attempt to connect to the audience about the relevance of Polo in all
eras. Swiftly passing train, making us travel along in the story surely succeeded in explaining
the passage of time. Their journey that started with an encounter on the platform and ending
up at the same place with ups and downs, compliments their belief of considering life as a
sport, but a beautiful sport. Lacoste has placed its point with subtleness that this brand will
accompany you right from the beginning of your journey till the end.
“Life indeed is a beautiful sport” and that’s well depicted here.

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