A tale of Vivid opinions

Have you ever thought while how you met someone? Is it always that what you like, everyone around you also do? Have you ever wondered why you make friends by talking to them instead of making them according to their caste or religion? 

Well, the Heineken ad is the perfect reply to all the raised queries. 

In an aspiration of perceiving the thought process and the reaction of people with contradicting thoughts from around the world, the strategy of face off seemed the quintessential option. Without notifying people about anything of the game, bit by bit the conversations of two strange persons turned out to close to heart conversations amongst the couples. 

It’s been finally said that “If you never Try, You’ll never Know”. 

At odds, the issues of feminism, homosexuals, climate change and transgender were raised to these people having conflicting thoughts but not-to-forget by not telling them their thoughts on the first hand.

Strangers they were, but with just a flick of fire, the conversation level rose to that never-ending Olympic Flame. 

It’s how alluring when we go to a bar or college and by sharing just a word of Hi or Sorry or Please, we can find a heavy load of reasons to be happy by sharing our perspective with that person. For every relation that we are in ranging from brother to father to friend to colleague, the beginning was by taking the first step. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.15.03 PM

Life is full of miracles and it’s not always that the miracles exist in monetary terms or materialistic things for some exists in life companions. 

Sitting at a bar and having the conversations with your pals over a beer, I can bet on every single one of the readers that this is what you expect for a weekend night to lighten your hearts and think out loud. Almost anything can be discussed over a beer at a bar, for it’s not the words that matter, rather the bond which is constructed upon the roots of the future friendship. 

Concluding, step out of your comfort and go grab a Heineken at a random bar, for you never know what turn your life may hack into and you may find a perfect match to for your hectic life to go back on a smooth track! 

You can watch the ad here:


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