This Cute Video By Surf Excel Will Make You Believe In “Sharing Is Caring”

What we all miss about our childhood or what we see in small little kids is INNOCENCE, the selfless love and care they have for everyone. They share everything with everyone and for this, they dont need any guidance, but they need support from their parents so that they can continue the same in future.

Surf Excel continues with their tagline Daag Acche Hai (Dirt Is Good)” which is beautifully unfolded in their new campaign titled Ready For Life. This 2 minutes 40 second Ad is narrated from the point of view of a mother, where she talks about her son’s passion for football. While he is very interested, he isn’t selected in the team, but the kid doesn’t gets disheartened and continues to practice.  One day, he informs her that he has been selected to be a part of the school football team, and as per the promise, he gets new shoes. He doesn’t miss practice sessions and always comes up with dirty clothes. On the match day, the mother decides to pay him a surprise visit and what she notices is mystifies her. She sees that her son is not a part of the team, where as he is cheering for the team. She sees that the new shoes were worn by one of his friends who was playing the football match. After the match, his friend hands over the shoes to him and thanks for the help. The mother is perplexed and upon asking, he tells her that his friend, who was selected for the team could not afford the shoes; and therefore he lent it to him. After hearing this,she hugs him and asks him to gift those shoes to his friend. There were tears of joy all around. The duo then run onto the field to celebrate with the rest of the team and the ad ends with the mom saying, “My son is ready for life.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.37.45 PM.png

Surf Excel believes sharing helps kids getting ready for life. A pioneer in the Indian detergent powder market, Surf Excel has constantly upgraded itself over the years, to answer the constantly changing washing needs of the Indian homemaker. Today Surf Excel offers outstanding stain removal ability on a wide range of stains. This means that mothers now have the freedom to let their kids experience life without worrying about stains.

The film has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas for surf excel.


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