Chipotle Finds Love In Rivalry, Writes Pankhuri Agrawal


A smitten remembrance of innocent and pure, childish love, how one could go to any lengths for bringing happiness to that one person they prize most. The competitive nature, and ego, and how we failed to see things right in front of us.

And with the whiff of fresh lemon-ade and orange juice, you would be sent to memories of your first crush (or love). Along with the scintillating number of “I want it that way”, you see young Ivan and Evie. The moment Ivan saw Evie, it was love at first sight. Needing money to ask her to a movie, Ivan starts innocently competing with Evie’s food stand. The result devolves into a thirty-year-long fast food rivalry. Using every trick in the book, they unwittingly abandon their integrity to win customers. But when they can no longer recognize their monstrous creations, they ultimately discover what truly matters, their love for real food…and each other.

Since forever we have known the intimate relationship between love and food. It has been said that the way to a man’s (or a woman’s) heart is through the stomach. Food which has been made with love, and effort lifts a person’s soul. Not only is it considered an aphrodisiac, but is also used to display gentle waves of affection (like: gifting chocolates). This ad displays this relationship in the heartiest fashion, giving us two things closest to our hearts: Love, and Food.

Chipotle stays true to it’s integrity of concentrating on the quality of food, and the food products they use with the slogan “Cultivating a Better World”. Even in the story of Evie and Ivan, after realising, they give up on their electronic creations and go back to hand-made food, complete with the personal touch.

The ad has been conceptualised by CAA Marketing for Chipotle and has been directed by  Saschka Unseld. This took about 18 months in the making and has its own music cover of ” I Want It That Way” by Brittany Howard and Jim James which is originally sung by the Backstreet Boys.




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